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Application analysis of relay in electrical engineering and its automation

Relay plays a role in automatic adjustment, security protection, and rotation lines. Its core part is convenient for the transmission between operation and control current. Generally, it is mainly used in the automatic control line, and the function of automatic adjustment, security protection and transfer lines on the current. This article introduces the type of relay, explores and analyzes the application of relays in electrical engineering and its automation, and the test method of inheriting electrical appliances, and has long been promoted the safe operation of the power system.
1 Other principles of role classification (1) Electromagnetic relay. Under the action of the current in the input line, a relay reserved by the relative motion product of the mechanical parts. It includes DC electromagnetic inheritance electrical appliances, AC electromagnetic inheritance electrical appliances, magnetic maintenance inheritance electrical appliances, polarized inheritance electrical appliances, tongue pressure relay, energy saving efficiency relay. (2) Temperature relay. When the external temperature reaches a prescribed time and action relay. (3) Fixed inheritance electrical appliances. The input and output function is completed by electronic components without mechanical motion components. Time Relay. When the input signal is added or deleted, the input part needs to be delayed or limited to the specified time before turning or disconnecting the relay of its controlled line. (4) Wind speed relay. When the speed of the wind reaches a certain value, the control circuit will be connected or disconnected. Acceleration relay. When the acceleration of the motor object reaches the prescribed value, the control electric and the road will be connected or disconnected. Other types of relay. Such as optical relay, sound relay, thermal relay, etc.
1.2 Classification according to protective features (1) Seal relay: Using welded seam contact or other methods, the contact points and coils are sealed in a metal cover. The relay with a low leakage rate is relatively low. (2) Plastic seal relay: The method of sealing is used to seal the contact point and coil and seal it in the plastic cover, and its leakage is higher. (3) Subsequent electrical appliances: Use the hood to use the contact point and coil to be closed to the anti -defense relay. (4) Open relay: non -use of relays to protect the touch point and coil without using a protective cover.
2 The application of relays in electrical engineering and its automation analysis of the application of relays in electrical engineering. When the relay has not been in electrical engineering before but has been widely used in electricity
It can also run well in the system. The fixed state can also be converted to controllable components. If the coil in the relay is connected to the quantitative voltage value, it can be convenient to generate electromagnetic effects immediately. At this time, the opposite railway will receive the tension of the slingshot and return to the use of force to return to In the iron core, a suction between the static contact and the movement of the movement. After the running system is turned on, the interaction force between the electromagnetic will slowly disappear. The iron is returned to the original position, and the static contact and the touch touch point will be sucked back. Under the action of returning in this case, the current can be closed and turned on. Electric engineering has entered the era of Qiu Xin, becoming an indispensable and important science in the progress of human society. People are continuously studying, developing and perfecting this project, and the rapid changes in the scientific community are also undergoing rapid progress. We have studied and improved the working principles of relays to make more active work in the work of electrical engineering in the work of electrical engineering. Life brings greater fastness and convenience, and mention higher people's living standards and quality of life. The application of relays in automation. The role of automation technology has also been launched in human transformation activities. Economic development is also accompanied by the improvement of automation technology. One -step research related installation and equipment is beneficial to accelerate the transformation of human labor and lifestyle. As we all know, if you want to improve the operational efficiency at work, you can rely on the relevant requirements of low -voltage relay automation to rely on the input of special models to control the entire line. It enters one -step details according to the different voltage values of low -voltage relays in the actual work of low -voltage relay. Common low -voltage control and high -voltage control of DC 1500V and AC 1200V. The application of automated low -pressure device brings great vitality to the development of the current power source of our country. With the transformation of low -voltage relay in our country, the previous introduction of simulation development models has been transformed into a new research and development model of independent innovation now, but in the past Economic benefits have achieved huge results, and they have developed important tributes for society, and the lives of our people have also changed with new changes. 3 The test method of relay test methods Relay coil test method. The coil test method of the relay is the test of the specific resistance displayed by the coil in the relay. Generally, in general, the ten -fold ohm file in the universal table will be used to test the corresponding relay coil. And whether it exists at a disconnection at work. The universal table plays a great role in the test process. You can also use it to measure the coil resistance of the relay. The coil resistance is inconsistent with the touch point resistance. The measurement of the measurement is used to obtain the final result. Relans to the contact test method. The principle of the contact test method of the relay is to test it by borrowing the contact point of the human body and its particularity. When we use it, we play a vital role for the stable operation of the entire line. Therefore, the use of contacts can be used to test, and the work efficiency and operating status of the ground palm electrical appliances can be entered. The resistance file of the universal meter is usually used to measure the frequency of the normal closed contacts as the movement point resistance enters the row measurement, and its resistance value is 0 under normal circumstances, and the aversion value of the touch point and the movement point is often infinite. When using universal performance in the laboratory, you should also pay attention to the maximum value of it. Do not exceed its maximum resistance. You can use the test electrical strike method to protect the safe use of relays. You can get accurate measurement results. When testing the touch point, the resistance status of the electrical appliances and the opening of the closure of the compliance line inspection through the universal meter, and it is found that the resistance value of the resistance value is 0, and the resistance value of the motion point in the relay and the resistance value of the contact point becomes the slightest. gigantic. Therefore, the test test is performed through this method, which can accurately determine the operating status of frequent switches and norms. The test method of current and inhalation voltage. When testing and testing the current and suction voltage capacity, the testing tool is generally required for only one current meter and a stable power supply. The first step is to slowly transport the voltage of the appropriate amount into the relay, and then use the current meter to slowly penetrate it into the electrical appliances for monitoring. Slowly increase the voltage of the power step by step during the detection, judge the basis of the hearing, and then judge the inhalation sound, and then you can record the measurement value of the specific situation of the current and the suction voltage. The third step is to sort out more data obtained next test, and calculate the average value of the data.
4 Relay relay is an electronic controller that has a lot of performance performance than small current control than large current. With the rapid development of the economy, the role of relay played is increasing, especially in electrical engineering and its automated low -voltage device. Therefore, advancing the application of relays in electrical engineering and its automation is of great significance.


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