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What are the main application scenarios of transformer gas products?

The transformer gas is divided into use: 1. Power transformer: used for lift and voltage voltage for transmission and distribution systems. 2. Instrument use transformers: such as voltage transformers, current transformers, for measuring instruments and relay protection devices. 3. Test transformer: can generate high -voltage and perform high -voltage tests on electrical equipment. 4. Special transformers: such as electric furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, adjustment transformers, capacitive transformers, migrant transformers, etc.

  1. Electric transformer
    Power transformers are one of the main equipment for power plants and substations. The role of a transformer is that many aspects can not only increase the voltage to send electrical energy to the power area, but also reduce the voltage into the use of voltage at all levels to meet the needs of electricity consumption. In short, both voltage and antihypertensive must be completed by the transformer. In the process of transmitting electrical energy of the power system, the voltage and power loss will inevitably generate two parts of voltage and power. When transporting the same power, the voltage loss is inversely proportional to the voltage. Use a transformer to increase the voltage and reduce the loss of electricity.
    The transformer is composed of two or more coil winding around the same iron core. The winding is linked and works according to the principle of electromagnetic induction through the cross -magnetic field. The installation location of the transformer should be considered easy to operate, repair and transport, and should choose safe and reliable places. When using a transformer, the rated capacity of the transformer must be used reasonably. When the transformer is carried, it needs to use a larger powerless power. These powerless power should be supplied by the power supply system. If the capacity of the transformer is too large, it will not only increase the initial investment, but also increase the transformer for a long time in the air load or light load, which increases the proportion of the air load loss, the power factor is reduced, and the network loss will be increased. Reasonable. The transformer capacity is too small to make the transformer overload for a long time and easily damage the device. Therefore, the rated capacity of the transformer should be selected according to the needs of the electric load, and it should not be too large or too small.
    Second, instrument transformer
    To be precise, a transformer is a voltage transformer. The instrumental transformer includes: current transformers, voltage transformers, which is a transformer of a special purpose. The main two major uses are: one is to measure the range of the electrical instrument, and the other is that the measurement machine relay protection device can Isolation and protection of high -current voltage, large current, etc., make the current into low -voltage and small current to continue working, playing the role of small power transformers, as a signal automatic device and control circuit and relay protection.
    The function of the voltage transformer is to transform the high voltage to a standard secondary voltage of 100V or lower levels by proportional relationship to protect, measure, and instrument device use. At the same time, a voltage transformer can beolate high voltage with electrical staff. Although the voltage transformer is also a device that works in accordance with the principle of electromagnetic sensing, its electromagnetic structure relationship is exactly the opposite compared to the current transformer. The secondary circuit of the voltage transformer is a high impedance circuit, and the size of the secondary current is determined by the impedance of the circuit. When the secondary load impedance is reduced, the secondary current increases, so that the one -time current automatically increases one component to meet the electromagnetic balance relationship between the primary and secondary sides. It can be said that the voltage transformer is a special transformer that is limited structure and use form. Simply put, it is "detection element".


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