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Intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances will become the mainstream products in the market

Intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances will become the mainstream products in the market

Industry insiders point out that the industry-wide production model of electric appliances industry in the past, in which research institutes take the lead to jointly design new products, will be broken, and enterprises begin to independently develop differentiated products.

Considering the actual needs of design institute, power supply, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil field and other enterprises, a design institute proposed that the need for a leakage alarm without power leakage circuit breaker, power will not be convenient for fire treatment, related enterprises developed the product. In addition, some companies are trying to cooperate with well-known design companies to get rid of the low-end problem and improve the brand value of their products.

All these are disadvantageous to the market competition of domestic private electric appliance enterprises. Intelligent low-voltage appliances require the application of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, including the establishment of automatic production lines for key components, automatic detection lines for low-voltage appliances, automatic equipment lines for low-voltage appliances, etc. Now, the intensifying price and channel wars have worsened the market environment. If private enterprises do not increase research and development investment, do not increase basic generic technology research, improve their independent innovation ability, will lose market competitiveness, unable to establish a foothold in the huge market space.

With the emergence of new technologies, the new generation of intelligent low-voltage appliances featuring high performance, intelligence, high score, communication, miniaturization, modularization and energy saving will become the mainstream products in the market, and the market share of middle and high-end low-voltage appliances will be further expanded. The construction wave of smart grid is not only an opportunity for transformation and upgrading, but also a market pressure for private enterprises lacking the ability of independent innovation.

Experts suggest that enterprises should find a breakthrough according to their own characteristics in the transformation, become a specialized manufacturer of a certain type or type two products, and gradually develop to middle and high-end products to get rid of the situation of product homogeneity. Specific market segments can be used to find entry points, such as professional circuit breaker manufacturers, industrial electrical manufacturers, terminal electrical manufacturers, leakage electrical manufacturers.


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